We improve the performance of your squad

The pandemic generated by COVID-19 has generated great changes in our lifestyle and in our behavior, companies that before the team was very productive now see that the team has decreased that productivity ...

From Relax & Time we have been working and improving our operations to meet the needs that are most needed for companies right now and that is to have the team motivated and productive again.

How do we do it?

We create collaborations according to the volume and availability of the company. Within the workspace we create a suitable environment to reduce anxiety and stress levels. With short and effective treatment sessions we eliminate ailments and overloads so that they continue to carry out their work with maximum effectiveness
The sessions last between 15-30 min, which would be a productive break. The duration can also be tailored according to the company. 

In all aspects we guarantee results. 

Tell us about your company and we will help your team to give it all again!

Relax & time 


Tell us about your company and we will help you make your team

give it all again!

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